David K Wright releases new book featuring collected columns and found items of great interest!

Scroll down to discover way to purchase the book. This is not the best method by modern standards but, it will work.

What we have here is my latest book. Now, I am struggling with this website workings so bare with me until I make it better, but circumstances has made it necessary for me to carry on—-There is going to be an announcement the book is available and I have not prepared myself to make all the sales I will be getting.

If it should come to pass you would like to purchase this fine presentation, here is the way to do it at the moment. Send me an email at dkwright@wi-net.com telling me of your intention. Then, send a check for $13 to 346 Lincoln, Amherst WI, 54406. The price of the book is $13.50 normal but this price I am offering through this dysfunctional method also includes shipping. So, this is real deal. In the future, payment may well be easier involving a credit system of some sort, but I have not worked that out just yet.

Listen to the words and visions of our Participants

Blue Bus Publishing is excited to release the 2nd Volume of Journal from the Heartland, Close to Home.

Our first book is still available as well, so jump in.

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