David K Wright releases new book featuring collected columns and found items of great interest!

Options for purchasing book. Normal Street Price $13.50

If it should come to pass you would like to purchase this fine presentation, here is the way to do it. Please keep in mind the price you pay and the amount I receive will vary. You receive the best price and I receive the most by the buyer sending a check for $13 (shipping included) to 346 Lincoln, Amherst WI, 54406. The next best is through ETSY and can be found here. The most convenient but least profitable for me is through Amazon found here. Of course, find me on the street or posing as a writer at some speaking engagement, and it probably will be around $11.00 for a signature copy.

Listen to the words and visions of our Participants

Blue Bus Publishing is excited to release the 2nd Volume of Journal from the Heartland, Close to Home.

Our first book is still available as well, so jump in.

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