The intention of this publication is to provide a platform for local writers to offer their work to an inquiring public. It is hoped this project will grow and delight the citizens of Wisconsin and beyond. While we are featuring the written works, we are also presenting a pleasant cross-section of visual art, most produced by local artists.

It is the intention of the publisher to periodically produce additional editions of the Journal from the Heartland.

In the first issue, our contributors range in age from seventeen to points north of seventy, all offering their unique perspective on life in the heartland and beyond. Just as we have done in this issue, we will be looking for and presenting creative opportunities for writers and artists in future undertakings.

Every individual contributing has a deep-seated desire to promote and celebrate the power of community and place. In other words, we love it here in Wisconsin, or should I say the Heartland (and we may travel out there farther). One glowing fact is, we generally think it is close to paradise here.

Please enjoy the presentation. Nothing in it is X-rated, some pieces may be dramatic, or disjointed, or slanted in observation; all of the pieces are heartfelt.

Many thanks, David Wright and Ann Herzog Wright