Keeping it Simple—Sugaring

Here we are on a mild, almost abnormal spring day with the temperature touching sixty. The maples have been bumped around so far with disrupted temperature throwing confusion on the sap flow. However, here and there the nectar has flowed, not on all trees, but some lucky ones in unsuspecting places. Jake and I have our taps out but it is true we may have jumped the gun, or is it the drill bit. Until today most maples, silvers, reds, and Norwegian have pretty much told us to buzz off, but today, after a nice night frost, normality returned and the buckets were filled. We also chose today to do our first meager boil not wanting to have the sap linger too long stored in barrels where there might be tendency for the local yeast and bacteria to decide on a little picnic in what shall become out precious syrup. So, for one more year, it starts and we are off to the races.

The chickens also were let free today and like any good hen, they all found themselves in a mound of feathers dusting and taking in the noonday sun.  

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